Morph is made up of a team that’s as diverse as the city it was founded in. "An engineer, a developer, an event planner, and a salesman walk into a bar." It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but in reality it’s just a Morph team meeting.

In all honesty, Morph would not exist without the unique skill sets and perspectives that each co-founder has to offer. While each individual offers something different, we all have one thing in common: we love our community and are passionate about Morph's mission.

Dustin web.png

Dustin Poisson - President/COO

Our president did as any engineer would do—find the solution to a problem. As a relocated college graduate from Michigan, he found it really difficult to acclimate to an unknown community with no connections. Through trial and error, he discovered his niche in education, personal & professional development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. His love and discovery of Huntsville resulted in his passion to help others find their place in the community, so they may feel welcome and enjoy their new life.


LJ Abrams - CEO

Expanding our client base increases our impact on the community, which includes our clients themselves and their new employees. LJ’s previous startup and sales experience plays a vital role in turning Morph’s vision into an executable reality. He collaborates with our founder to ensure that as Morph expands and matures, our services improve and meet our client’s acquisition, acclimation, and retention goals for their new employees.


Carla Ellis - Employee Relations VP

With the unofficial position of “Fun Patrol”, she plays a critical role in ensuring our new community members enjoy the transition to their new city. Our personal assessment takes care of gathering the right information, but without Carla we wouldn’t be able to use that information to ensure our Morphers feel at home in their new city. She has a background in event planning and human resources, so there isn’t a more personable and forthcoming person to have while acclimating to a new community.


David Jones - CTO

David's extraordinary coding skill set and passion for getting involved in the community makes him our go-to guy for developing Morph's internal software that facilitates the process for our services. As Morph continues to grow, his role is essential for developing the experience for both our clients and consumers. This includes our personal assessment and the information gathering that allows Morph to personalize and connect each employee to people, organizations, and local businesses in the community.