I’m a company representative

How do I get Morph to provide its Services to my employees?

The best way to get started is to contact one of our Morph Local Experts.They will work with you to determine how Morph can best curate its services to fit both your company’s and employee’s needs.

What does having Morph services mean for my employees?

Morph takes pride in delivering a service that focuses on creating  a unique experience for each and every employee. We provide them curated resources, based on their personal desires, interests, and needs, making them feel right at home.

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Check out our easy process!

  1. Opt-In by contacting your Morph Local Expert

  2. Complete your Morph Personal Assessment

  3. Take part in your Morph Consult

  4. Receive your curated Resource Package

What does it cost to use Morph services?

Morph Services include a variety of features, which we tailor to meet your company’s needs. We have services geared toward helping your employees and/or interns feel more comfortable in their new city, which benefits both retention and workplace productivity.  Get in touch with a Morph Local Expert for pricing options, today!

I’m a new employee

Morph services are offered at my company. How do I get started?

Contact your Morph Local Expert and they will send you a link to the Morph Personal Assessment.

I don’t think my company offers Morph services yet. How can I get my company to work with Morph?

If you believe that we offer a valuable benefit, then let your local HR department know! Have them contact one of our Morph Local Experts, and we will work with them to get Morph Services offered at your company.

What does Morph help me with?

We know that moving to a new city and starting a new job can be difficult to manage all at once.  Morph can help you to Know Your Local and make your city feel more like home as you transition. We provide you with a Morph Resource package full of resources and activities that you will love based on your answers to our Morph Personal Assessment. This lifts the burden of worrying about all these things during work hours, and you can enjoy your life once you leave the office.