How it works

Relocating employees? We got you.

We provide the next generation employee benefit.

Knowing your local anything is the start to sticking around, rooting yourself, and feeling a part of something.

Morph’s personal, curated approach helps newcomers know their local — what they like to do, all at their own pace — and quickly feel at home.

Current Clients:

“My experience with Morph was fantastic. Carla really took the time to get to know me and found a plethora of things and places that helped me get acclimated to Huntsville. I also tried out several new activities that I wouldn’t have done without Morph. I can’t thank them enough for making my move from California that much easier. I will be forever grateful!”
— Tara
The Morph experience was exceptional! It was a warm and cozy introduction to a wonderful city and so many things that one can do here. The move is overwhelming with so many options but the input has been invaluable. The Morph welcome made me feel like an important addition to Huntsville, very appreciated!!
— Debbie

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