Employee Acquisition

Morph offers an exclusive recruitment package that helps acquire your employees. Each experience is curated to your employee's interests, demographic, and other factors that we gather in our personal assessment. For those that have significant others and children, we take into consideration their interests as well to ensure they feel at home in their new city as much as your employee does.


Acclimation Services

Morph's curated acclimation services ensure that your employee is connected with the right resources in Huntsville. Our personal assessment allows us to get to know your employee, so we can show them what Huntsville has to offer that meets their needs and desires. We'll provide a curated resource package and personalized Welcome Basket that's sure to make them feel at home.

Need a connection? Morph provides a Morph Local Expert that actively reaches out to local organizations, businesses, and community members to gather information and set up an introduction. Whether it's a sports league, volunteer organization, or a resident that we feel has similar interests and would be a good connection. We will continue to follow up and ensure that your employees are feeling at home.